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Ultimate Steering Lock!

Wisefab has long been known for providing the craziest steering angle on the planet. Most Wisefab kits provide around 65 degrees of steering angle, and offer simple ackermann adjustment as an option. This means you can choose between parallel steering or alter the angle between the leading and trailing wheels to suit you. Don't worry though, you don't need to be a suspension engineer. All kits are aligned on a jig before dispatch. Most parameters have been optimised by the brains at Wisefab, with many months of research and development having been conducted with each kit before it’s released. Simply fit the kit, set your toe angles and go and dial in your backwards entries!

Geometry...It's Not all About Angle!

There’s so much more to optimising drift suspension and geometry than just the amount of steering angle you have on your drift car. Each Wisefab front suspension kit has been extensively designed with corrected roll centre which has the advantage of lowering your car the correct way. Dynamic suspension range and travel is optimised to improve the contact patch for the leading and trailing tyres at all steering angles under all load conditions. Put basically, fitting a Wisefab kit to your car will translates into it having much better handling, improved front grip, more precise steering, less tyre scrub and better feel during high speed drifting. As well as INSANE STEERING ANGLE!

The Traction/Grip Game!

What happens at the rear of a drift car is just as important as what happens at the front, as speed and grip is as much a factor as it is in any other motorsport. The Wisefab rear suspension kits have had countless hours of R&D invested in them. The result is a totally re-engineered lightweight rear knuckle and suspension arm design. Roll centre, camber gain and toe gain are all fine tuned to provide a significant increase in traction and lateral grip. Also unsprung weight is vastly improved. All of these factors can provide a significant advantage in competition when in the right hands. The Wisefab rear kits have also been used with great success on regular track and drag cars. See the range of Wisefab Kits.

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