Wisefab - Toyota Supra Rear Suspension Arm / Hub Knuckle Kit JZA80

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Wisefab - Toyota Supra Rear Suspension Arm / Hub Knuckle Kit JZA80


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The Wisefab Toyota Rear Suspension Kit completely replaces the rear hub knuckles and all rear arms to provide vastly superior roll centre, kinematics and ultimately traction / grip.
There is no better kit on the market that we are aware of, and this kit is used by many top level drifters including Fredrik Aasbo.
1 x Wisefab Toyota Supra Rear   £1,721.81 - Made to order. Allow 21 days


The Wisefab Toyota Supra Rear Suspension Kit is here to provide you with maximum grip on your lowered JZA80 Supra

We'd actually consider the Supra to have quite reasonable traction when compared to an equivalent Nissan. But sometimes reasonable isn't enough, and if you want the most out of your tyres, and the best chance in battles when competing, traction is a very big factor! 

Revised kinematics.. Not just a dropped knuckle.

Dropped knuckles are good to maintain factory kinematics on lowered car, but factory kinematics were originally designed for 280bhp and 225 wide tyres. If maximum grip is what you are looking for, then a total redesign that includes good roll centre position, camber gain, anti squat and bump steer is required. Wisefab have take the Toyota design back to drawing board, and come up with a the best traction kit on the market.

Manufacturing and testing

Fabricated from high strength steel, the design is optimised for strength and weight saving. Virtual testing was backed up with a thorough workout by one of the best drifters in the world Fredik Aasbo, and he was incredibly impressed. 


The track width of the car remains stock, so normal wheel widths and offsets are okay.
Minimum wheel diameter is 17" 

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